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Some parents look for someone to look after their children, no matter what age.

The people with whom parents prefer leaving their children need to be those who have had previous experience with caring for children and some form of formal education in childcare, whether child psychology or education.

To start off a business in babysitting, start by looking after children in your own family circle or those who are your personal friends. After you have helped them a couple of times, you can ask them to give you a written reference.

Children of different ages will require different ways of caring for them. Older children may enjoy playing games, whereas babies may need to be fed and then put to bed.

Once you feel confident and have good references, you will be able to look for other clients.

You can also start childcare education through one of the MOJA platforms to add a level of child care knowledge to your service.



  • Start-up Capital: Nil
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment:  Should be available in the child’s home
  • Specific skills: Yes


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