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Working parents and parents with young children are often too busy to find the time to organise birthday parties.

Your offer of a one-stop party service will help these parents celebrate their child’s birthday in an easy manner, while you do all the organising of invitations, food, including the birthday cake, as well as appropriate games, and maybe entertainment like a puppet show or clown.

Discuss your plans with the parents, and also the child if he or she is old enough to be part of the decision making, and find out from the family members what they would particularly enjoy: include discussions about the invitation list and who is to be invited.

Older children may like to have a themed party – perhaps they are fans of a particular film or TV programme?

Plan the budget together with the parents – maybe they would like balloons and gift packs for the guests?

You can advertise your services by circulating flyers at schools and child centres; consider sending flyers to grandparents who enjoy spoiling their grandchildren.



  • Start-up Capital: Nil
  • Space required: Nil – hold parties at people’s homes
  • Equipment: Nil – hire what is needed such as a jumping castle
  • Specific skills: Ability to entertain children and to be very organised

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