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The requirements for a day care centre are similar to those of a crèche, but for older children and children who need to be cared for during school holidays, especially for those families who have both or single parents working.

Child day care is a growing industry as many households require two full-time incomes to make ends meet.

Your day care centre can start out in a small way at your own home, and as your clientele increases, so will you have to find a larger space to accommodate the number of children.

References and experience of caring for children of various ages will need to be acquired before you open a day care centre; you can gain this experience by working for a day care centre for a stipend while you learn and experience how to run a centre.

You will require a child-care certification to make you more trustworthy and knowledgeable to parents.

As your expertise becomes known, you can employ other staff, find larger premises and enlarge your intake of children.

You will need premises that have a kitchen where lunches can be prepared for the children.




  • Start-up Capital: yes – $100+
  • Space required: Yes – depending on the number of children
  • Equipment: Yes – tables, chairs, educational toys and games, kitchen equipment
  • Specific skills: Yes – A diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Check with your local town council as to whether you need a licence or permit to start a crèche.

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