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Altering and tailoring clothes for other people is a perfect work-from-home business where you can use your sewing skills.

Tailoring is the sewing by a tailor of a garment that is custom-fitted for the client, whereas alterations done by a seamstress are less extensive changes to a garment such as putting up hems, shortening sleeves or taking in seams for a better fit.

Tailors generally work with coats, suits and ball gowns, while seamstresses work with all types of clothing for men, women and children from dresses, to shirts and jeans and all other wearing apparel.

Both these services can be done from home as long as you have a sewing machine, a large enough work space and the usual sewing tools.

Hours are flexible and ideal if you have children at home.

Start by offering to alter clothes of your friends and families to gain experience.

There is a demand for alteration services from people who lack the skills or time to alter or repair their own clothes.

Once you are established you can advertise your business in dry cleaning shops and other clothing enterprises.

Offer free pick-up and delivery and charge fair prices.



  • Start-up Capital: $100
  • Space required: Space for a sewing table
  • Equipment: Sewing machine, table and sewing tools
  • Specific skills: Online course in alterations and tailoring


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