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If you are creative with your hands and ideas, then making handmade handbags may be the ideal job for a home entrepreneur.

You will need to research your material choices which will be dependent on what you want to charge: your choice will vary from expensive leather to reasonably priced waterproof fabrics.

You will also need a supplier of handbag hardware such as zips and strap holders.

Your customer base may be teenagers or career women, beach goers or mothers with babies, all depending on what kind of bags you want to make.

Unique designs and unusual materials and fabrics can put you at a competitive advantage.

All manufacturing can be done at your home and you can sell directly on a website or at local markets.

You will need a good sewing machine capable of sewing heavy fabrics, as well as table space for designing and cutting.


  • Start-up Capital: $100
  • Space required: Space for a working table
  • Equipment: General manufacturing tools
  • Specific skills: Online course in pattern making

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