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If sewing or embroidery is something you enjoy then the possibility of making embroidered items of clothing to sell could be a lucrative business.

The technology today has made it relatively easy to start an embroidery business: the main investment would be a good quality embroidery machine. Same applies for a tailor.

Embroidery machines are computer assisted using specialised software to design images for monogramming polo shirts, bath robes, toto bags and any other apparel used to advertise a company’s logo.

Embroidery supplies are not expensive and most machines are on wheels so can be used in any space that is available.

A client base can be built by going door-to-door on cold calls showing examples of your best embroidery work.

Visit local people and companies that you already know to get your initial orders, after which, if your work is good, you should get referrals.



  • Start-up Capital: $150
  • Space required: Space for a working table
  • Equipment: Embroidery and sewing tools
  • Specific skills: Embroidery or sewing


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