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Seniors are generally classified as those people who are over the age of 65; however, many people of this age are still working and living normal lives. Sadly some people, even younger than 65, are not so lucky and often people like this need companionship more than anything else. They can feel isolated and lonely which can lead to depression and anxiety, especially if they live alone and have mobility problems.

Ask nursing homes and local senior centres how you can help provide the services offered below to seniors in their own homes or in nursing homes. Spending time helping seniors with personal care, beauty care, gardening, handyman work or transport are ways for you to earn money on an hourly basis.


In-home care

It is important for the elderly to keep physically active as this decreases the risk of strokes, depression, dementia and other medical issues.

Make sure they have a daily walk, preferably outdoors when the weather is good.

Check that they are eating healthy food and taking in enough liquid. Seniors need proper nutrition to stay healthy and enjoy a comfortable life so go over a daily meal plan to know what foods best fit that person’s lifestyle. You can consult a nutritionist to help you with the selection. Meals can be prepared weekly so it is easier for the senior citizen to heat and eat a warm meal every day.

Most importantly, show them that they are loved.

Help them to maintain contact with their family and friends.

Read to them, play games such as checkers, scrabble and chess, explore their hobbies, play games and watch happy TV shows and movies.

Other activities could be doing a jigsaw puzzle of playing card games like bridge and canasta.

Meaningful activities as shown above can be offered according to the person’s preferences.