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If you love cycling consider running a small business to repair and refurbish bikes. Many cyclists do not have the time or know-how to repair their own bikes. Let that repair person be you!

Starting a bike repair shop does not require a lot of money. Basic tools are inexpensive and include wrenches, hex keys, pliers, chain whips, tyre levers and an air compressor. You will also need work and truing stands. It is important to know exactly how to use these tools so try to find an old mountain bike and an old road bike – then take them apart and practise reassembling them. Refurbishing of old bikes and then selling them can yield a good profit for you.

You will require a space in which to work as well as an assortment of replacement parts. If a part that is needed is very costly, then you can ask the customer to provide a deposit upfront. Check with your local authorities if you require a permit to open the business.

Once you have mastered repair techniques, then you are ready to find customers. Do not charge too much as you do not want to chase away potential customers. Advertise your services on flyers or on social media and join a cycling group. If there is a bike event close to you, set up a repair shop at the event.



  • Start-up Capital: $200
  • Space required:  A garage or storeroom
  • Equipment: As above
  • Specific skills: Bike repairs


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