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All-natural and organic products are easily marketable provided that they are made from the correct ingredients with the correct labels. The term ‘organic’ is protected by the Certified Organic industry and can only be used with certified organic products. ‘All-natural’ or ‘toxin-free’ terms can be used in a home industry business.

The products that you choose to make may be beauty creams, soaps, lotions, as well as food products. Choose carefully and check out local markets first before you decide what niche you want to target. You do not want to be one of several soap makers. It is important to have attractive labels for your products which show the name of your product, the list of ingredients, the weight of product, and a disclaimer stating that it is not intended to cure any condition. Do not make any cosmetic claims!

Find out if you require a licence or permit and educate yourself on what names are allowed for the products you want to make. If you intend making beauty products you will have to learn all-natural formulation skills by taking an online free course. Know all the products you use as your customers may ask questions about them, especially as many people have allergies to various ingredients, mainly those found in food products.

Beauty creams and soaps can be made in your kitchen, as can food items; however, it is imperative that all areas are kept clean and sanitised continually to avoid any kind of contamination.

Advertising can be done on social media and a website where detailed information can be given for each product that you want to make. Try to find a product that is unique to you and make small samples to give out to potential customers. Add a sample to a customer’s order bag of something that a customer has not ordered – in this way you may increase your sales as they return to buy the sampled product. Listen to your customers’ suggestions and gain their loyalty in this way.



  • Start-up Capital: $200
  • Space required: A work bench in a kitchen
  • Equipment: Depends on products to be made
  • Specific skills: Yes – take an online course to learn formulations


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