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A gift basket is a gift that is delivered to a recipient at their home or business and may contain personal gifts, fruit and other items. This is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any other celebration and can be customised to suit any occasion. It is a creative way to start a home business and a great way to earn extra money.

There are many free online videos to watch that will teach you how to make attractive gift baskets. Check with your local authorities whether you need a licence to sell these.

You need to find material suppliers and you may think it is easy to buy your products at local store; however, if you want to earn money it is advisable to purchase the products you want to put into the baskets from wholesale businesses as these are typically about 50% less than standard retail prices. The products may include small toys, candles, gourmet teas and coffees as well as fruit and other foods and beverages. Include homemade and locally produced products in your selection, honouring your local community in your venture. Perhaps you live in a community that has basket weavers amongst them from whom you can order your baskets.

You will need to buy the basic materials such as empty baskets, cellophane or other clear wrapping material, ribbons and note tags and filler for the bottom of the baskets – this can be shredded paper, tissue paper or even straw. You can sell your baskets online, or at certain shows and craft fairs. If you want online sales, you will have to set up a website first with photographs of sample basket gifts – maybe one for a baby shower, another for Valentine’s Day and another two for a male and a female birthday. The same photos can be used in flyers to be distributed in your home area. Facebook is also a good place to advertise your baskets.

The key to running a successful business is excellent customer service so ensure that your baskets are delivered on time. Go above and beyond with your service – in this way your customers will spread the word and give you repeat business.



  • Start-up Capital: $100
  • Space required: Small storage space
  • Equipment: Nil
  • Specific skills: Ability to create a gift basket


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