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After most parties there is a huge amount of mess to clean up and what could be better for anyone holding a party then to have a party clean-up service to come in to clean up the venue and return it to its normal clean state. Hire out your services for this purpose and start your own business.

Initially you will need a couple of baskets, buckets, cloths, garbage bags and trays. Find a starting point somewhere in one of the party rooms and work your way through the venue, placing garbage in a garbage bag to be placed in the trash bin; things that belong in another room into a basket, including any personal belongings left behind by the guests; and then crockery, glasses and cutlery onto a tray to be taken to the kitchen to be washed. Recyclables can also be taken into the kitchen for sorting out later.

When you are finished with this initial clean-up, you need to use cloths and an all-purpose cleaning liquid to clean up tables, chairs, spills on the furniture and any other stains. Check if there are spots on the walls and wipe these clean. While doing this wet cleaning, you can place the furniture pieces back to their right places. If the floors are carpeted, then clean them with a vacuum cleaner; if wood or laminate then sweep first and then use a damp mop. Some floors may need to be scrubbed and/or polished. Place dirty linen in a separate bag to be sorted and placed in the washing machine.

In the kitchen pack away any surplus food, then wash the glasses, crockery and cutlery in the sink or place in the dishwasher if there is one available. Hand wash any delicate or large items. Initially fill the dishwasher for the first load while you are cleaning other areas. When the first load is finished, put away the contents and load up with the next load of dirty wares. Clean and sanitise all the kitchen surfaces, sink and cupboard work top.

Once the kitchen has been cleaned, your client may also want you to clean and sanitise the bathrooms as well, and maybe some other common areas. Mirrors and windows may also need cleaning. Hired chairs and tables may need to be stacked, ready to be collected, as well as hired linen items. The owner’s linen can be placed in the washing machine.



  • Start-up Capital: $50
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment: Cleaning gear – cloths and cleaning liquid, buckets and baskets, garbage bags
  • Specific skills: Ability to clean well


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