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  • The FOOD industry opens many potential businesses in various forms.
  • There is a continual demand for prepared food in this industry, but if possible, ensure that raw food materials are sourced locally to keep costs down.
  • A network of wholesale suppliers needs to be developed for the various ingredients required to make certain food types – eg flour for a bakery, fresh vegetables for pre-cooked food.
  • All waste food products can be saved and turned into compost for the growing of vegetables, setting up yet another income booster.
  • Develop FOOD skills by earning certification through the MOJA UNIVERSITY
  • Everyone needs fresh food and the food market is huge: many people do not have the time to cook meals at home so the chance to purchase pre-cooked food items is very favourable.
  • There are several different areas to establish markets in FOOD
  • Look for an area that appeals to you most as shown in the examples below and start exploring ideas of how to make this work for you.
  • Access for FOOD sources is imperative and cost-effective local sources are always best for keeping your costs down.
  • A list of suppliers is necessary before you start up any FOOD business and you may need advice from a certified food technician to assist you in developing your business. This will help you to not waste time with unsuitable ideas.
  • If you have willing friends, ask them to help you set up your own business.
  • There is a growing trend for healthy, sustainable food products so you may find investors who would like to back your new business.
  • Capital investment may be needed but if your start out small as in a home bakery, then you can expand your business as it grows, and you are able to access more funding.
  • Access to water and electricity could be challenging for rural food establishments.
  • You will have to teach your staff their various roles in your business.
  • Create your brand name and make it stand out loudly!
  • Price your products carefully so that you are competitive.
  • Be professional and treat your customers with respect – this will give your reputation credit as a trusted person.

Please note that the article shown below in BAKING applies to most of the other FOOD outlet suggestions.