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  • People want their carpets and furniture deep cleaned once or twice a year, as well as those hard to reach places as not everyone has the equipment or the time and energy to deep clean their homes.
  • You could invest in some of the equipment and offer to deep clean people‚Äôs homes.
  • Start with offering a few friends a free service which will show you where there may be a problem that needs sorting out first; then, if they are satisfied with your cleaning talent, you can ask them to spread the word.
  • You could have flyers printed which you can place in personal post boxes and businesses.
  • You can also approach small businesses to offer to deep clean their premises.
  • As deep cleaning is only necessary once or twice a year, it is advisable to find as many customers as possible.


  • Start-up Capital: $200
  • Space required: Storage of cleaning equipment
  • Equipment: Vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner and various cleaning agents