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Candles are not difficult to make at home and there are many free online courses showing how to do this. It is a perfect business for creative crafters as you would be your own ‘boss’, as well as having the freedom to work at times that suit you while building up your own business.

Initially focus on simple container candles rather than free-standing wax. Requirements are basic tools such as wax, essential oils for fragrances, wicks, candle vessels, fragrances and an apron to protect your clothes from the wax. A table for your workspace needs to be large enough for the number of candles you make at one time.

The choices of wax are paraffin, beeswax or soy wax. Paraffin is cheap but has a potential toxic nature, whereas natural beeswax and soy wax are not toxic at all. Beeswax is the most expensive and does not absorb fragrances so perhaps start with soy wax (made from soybeans) which can be blended with paraffin, and which absorbs fragrances and colours easily. For container candles use coffee mugs, glassware or mason jugs which can withstand high heat. A double boiler or universal candle pot is essential as melting wax in a pot directly over a flame is too hot. You will also need a thermometer and a spatula or spoon to mix the heated wax.



  • Start-up Capital: $100-200
  • Space required: A table or surface on which to make the candles
  • Equipment: See above
  • Specific skills: Nil

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