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A dog walker provides exercise and companionship for client’s dogs by taking the dogs for a walk from the dogs’ residences and then returning them back home: a walker may take more than one dog at a time, provided that the dogs get on with each other.

Picking up and disposing of dog droppings is essential.

After each walk make sure that each dog has food and water at its home base.

If a dog shows signs of illness, then notify the owner so that the dog can be checked by a


A dog walker must be familiar with canine behaviour and basic first aid and owning his/her own dog is a great benefit.

Compassion, patience and staying calm are necessary and it is important to be reliable and keep to the walking times that the owner chooses.

Previous employment working with dogs is a big plus but it is not necessary to have a formal qualification.

You must be able to handle larger dogs if needed, and keep control of a leash if a dog pulls. You must also be able to be on your feet and walk for at least 30 minutes at a time.

A dog walker may face challenges such as the weather, leash aggression and getting too close to people who do not like dogs.



  • Start-up Capital: Nil
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment: Nil
  • Specific skills: Compassion and understanding of canine behavior


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