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Doggie day-care involves pet sitting a dog at his/her home or at a large commercial facility for clients who have a busy schedule and work either full time or part-time and do not have enough time to spend with their pets.

At a large facility dogs have both indoor and outdoor areas in which to be kept busy

Some dogs enjoy the interaction with other dogs but others may find it stressful.

The dogs are walked and exercised at the centre and puppies may go home exhausted!

They are also fed during the day, mediated if necessary, and if the pet is stressed then the owner can give a pet’s favourite toy to go with it to day-care.



  • Start-up Capital: $50
  • Space required: Enough space to play and rest
  • Equipment: Leashes, feeding bowls and a place to sleep
  • Specific skills: A love for animals and good communication and listening skills


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