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Pet boarding is taking pets into a boarding facility like a hotel where all the guests are animals, whereas pet sitting is staying at a client’s home while they are away, or stopping by to care for the client’s pets once or twice per day.

Boarding supplies a pet dog or cat with an away-from-home sleeping area or kennel, food and care which could be in your home or in larger premises where several animals are cared for at one time.

Pets may stay just for a day (day-care) or for a longer period of time if the client is going away or on holiday to another place.

Your responsibility is to ensure each pet’s wellness by all pets being fed correctly, exercised and pampered.

Some ­pets settle into the boarding routine easily and seem to enjoy the change while others pine away for their owners, refuse to eat and are generally miserable for the entire stay. Cats seem to share more easily than dogs and rarely get so upset that they refuse to eat or drink.

Some boarding facilities keep the pets in large rooms together, where the animals can interact with each other and socialise, so it is important that the person managing the kennel has experience dealing with animals that have a variety of personalities.



  • Start-up Capital: Nil
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment: Nil
  • Specific skills: Compassion and understanding of canine behaviour

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