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If making pet toys and bedding appeals to you, you need to be very careful about which products you use to make the toys.

Many materials are toxic to pets such as latex and lead.

Here are some examples of safe easy-to-make pet toys:

  1. Ball tug toy – wrap a small ball inside an old T-shirt, tie it tight to keep the ball inside the piece of fabric, add a few strands of fabric to make long tails.
  2. Plastic bottle tug toy – wrap fabric around the bottle and secure with long pieces of fabric.
  3. T-shirt rope- cut an old T-shirt or piece of fabric into strips and braid them into a rope.
  4. Denim dog toy – cut an old pair of denim jean legs into strips and braid them to make a rope,

Dog beds need to be made with strong fabrics and stuffed carefully with fibrefill, memory foam, wood chips, old towels, sheets or blankets.



  • Start-up Capital: $50
  • Space required: A table space to make the toys
  • Equipment: Old fabrics and scissors and a sewing machine for dog beds
  • Specific skills: Ability to sew and cut fabrics

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