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Portrait photography is the art of capturing the character of a subject within a photograph, combining the correct technique with your personal expression.

It is most important to have the correct camera and to learn about its settings, how to choose the composition of the photo, and the angles and lighting for the photos.

Initially it may be a good idea to borrow different types of cameras from other photographers before purchasing your own so that you can see the differences in image quality from each camera.

Start by asking your friends and family to be your subjects: practice often and apply all you learn in these practice sessions as you direct your subjects in body movements and posing direction.

You may be lucky to have your own studio; alternately you can use outdoor parks and waterways, or get permission to use a private facility or home.

Location and lighting go hand-in-hand so investigate the best times to photograph out of doors. Generally the best times are an hour or two after sunrise and an hour or two before sunset as sunlight can be very harsh during the interim times.


  • Start-up Capital: $100
  • Space required: Not necessary but having your own studio would be in your favour
  • Equipment: Camera, lenses and other photographic equipment
  • Specific skills: Yes – take a free online course


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