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Traditional wedding photographs are posed by the photographer and would consist of the bridal couple, their party and families and friends.

The photographer concentrates on the lighting and the arrangement of the people in the photo and continues to take photos during and after the wedding ceremony, as well as at the reception.

Photo editing, developing and delivery may comprise a large part of the job but these can also be done by another company.

Wedding photography is challenging and stressful and requires hard work and perseverance. If you accidentally delete the photographs or lose the memory card, you are in big trouble. However, it is also very rewarding, on a personal level and financially.

A good place to explore free courses is:


  • Start-up Capital: $100
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment: Yes – a very good camera and accessories
  • Specific skills: Yes – take a free online course


Turn stock photography into money by submitting your images to various stock photo sites.



  • Start-up Capital: $100
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment: An excellent camera
  • Specific skills: Ability to recognise a good picture

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