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Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that describes a person’s ability to affect other people’s thinking in a social online community like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It involves the endorsement by the influencer of various products in a specific industry such as clothing to a large audience who can be persuaded to purchase the endorsed products. The influencer needs to have both an expert level of knowledge of the chosen product, as well as social influence in their areas of expertise, in order to persuade their audience to act based on their recommendations. In other words, a social media influencer causes others to make specific consumer decisions by driving traffic and sales to the endorsed products. Product categories are variable and an influencer can sign up to promote products in fashion, ecommerce, travel and many more industries. Once you have signed up with a brand you can commence your influencing messages and when you have run a successful campaign you will start your earning process.

In order to become a social media influencer you need to select your product niche, optimise your social media profile,  get to know and understand your audience, engage with your audience with consistent content and become known to prospective brands. It is essential to form a personal relationship with your followers while displaying an aura of authority in the marketed product. It is a job that requires total dedication, huge effort and hard work and a smart business attitude. Members of social media communications use a direct message, known as a DM, to exchange private messages.


  • Start-up Capital: Nil
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment: Cell phone or computer
  • Specific skills: Good command of language and product knowledge

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