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If you want to be a YouTuber you need to consider the following:

  • Are you regularly active on YouTube?
  • Do you have a clear identity name?
  • Do you have a following of people who watch your content?
  • Is YouTube a hobby for you or a career?
  • Do you enjoy helping others and giving free advice?
  • Do you enjoy recording videos for fun?
  • Are you excited by the thought of creating a followers’ community where you will be constantly meeting new people?

If you want to make this a career or a part-time hobby, you will have to make videos on a regular basis, get a following of subscribers and enable monetisation. Real profit will only come to you once people start subscribing and sharing your vlogs with their friends and colleagues: that is when the growth phase will begin. If you produce good quality content and if you listen to and take cognisance of feedback, then you will be on the path to success. In order to produce content on a regular basis, you will need to work a minimal 20 to 30 hours a week. Recording, editing and rendering are long, time-consuming processes.

The equipment you need to start a YouTube following would be a good camera or camcorder with good audio, simple video editing software and a capture card to record gameplay. Good cameras, microphones and lighting equipment can cost hundreds of dollars. You can start with Windows Movie Maker which is a free download.

Set a goal to produce two videos a month – even if you are not happy with the result, keep going as practise makes perfect.

Choose your best shots and delete the rest to avoid repetition.

Watch and study other videos – by doing this you can learn techniques used by others.

Do search engine optimisation and take care with giving your video a descriptive title, use tags (keywords) to help people to find your videos, and write a description of what your video is about.

Make sure that the audio is audible!

Make YouTube friends by looking at other platforms, make comments on them and then they will be interested in what you produce.

Be proud of your work and ignore negative comments.


  • Start-up Capital: $100
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment: As shown above
  • Specific skills: Ability to take good videos

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