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Cultural or heritage tour guides are travel guides who know and have access to a lot of interesting and authentic information on the art, history, geography, food, lifestyle, religion   and culture of various world destinations. They assist tourists by accompanying a group to various different places of interest within a particular area and may include arts and crafts, gastronomy and historical tours.


Formal qualifications are not necessary but as a tour guide you need to be mature, responsible, patient and tactful, Knowledge and understanding of local areas are vital, as are good organisational skills. You also need strong communication skills, a good memory, enthusiasm, humour and the ability to cope with the physical demands of the job. A knowledge of basic first aid is necessary. Make sure if there are any legal obligations in your area that need to be addressed first.



  • Start-up Capital: Nil
  • Space required: Nil
  • Equipment: Nil
  • Specific skills: A desire to educate people and knowledge of your chosen area

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