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There are several different kinds of writers in various different business areas, each of which is specific to a particular area of a business. An essential requirement for a writer is to have a good command of the English language, preferable at tertiary level.

Here are examples of the different kinds of writers:

  1. Technical writing is about a particular subject that requires direction, instruction or explanation which may be complex. It will assist people to understand information about a particular product eg a new technology or drug. This writing helps to explain how something works or how to complete a project.
  2. Creative writing is a form of artistic expression using imagery, narrative and drama. This genre includes poetry, novels, short stories and creative non-fiction.
  3. Script writing or screenwriting is writing expressive visual stories for film, television and video games.
  4. Grant writing is the preparation of documents needed in order to secure grant money from governments or foundations to be used in non-profit or other eligible organisations.
  5. Legal writing produces any form of material used in the legal industry. It is used by lawyers, judges and others responsible for expression of rights, duties and other legal issues.
  6. Resume writing is the preparation of an applicant’s qualifications for a job.
  7. UX writing is a guide for user experience for digital products. It is important that this information is very clear and concise so that the use of the product is understood.


You can support yourself doing a choice of the various writing genres full-time.

There are several online writing and translation courses, many of which are free such a Fiverr. On the Fiverr platform you are able to share your abilities and your languages if translating is your choice.

You can do projects for clients anywhere in the world – remember that diligence is vital for project work. The more diligent you are, the more money you can earn.



  • Start-up Capital: $100
  • Space required: Home office space
  • Equipment: Computer and internet connection
  • Specific skills: English language certification, preferably at tertiary level


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